Justenuf Dogs - Doing what we love, every day.

More than a ripple, less than a splash
The heir to a long line of glory
Give me the moment and I'll give you a song
It's so good being part of the story.

Welcome to my World
My name is Betty Carlino
and I am training to be
The Boss at Justenuf Dogs.
My Nannie Blossom used to run
this website but she
 went to The Rainbow Bridge in 2016.
So I have to fill her paws.

I will do my best.
We are a happy, healthy group of pugs and Mexican invaders (the Chihuahuas) 
who all live together as part of the family.
Our every whim is taken care of by Julie and Mark Dover.
They have been trained to the highest standard,
by an expert in pugs (Nannie Bloss) and thrive on making us
 comfortable, healthy and happy
and providing us with a fun filled life.
 Never a dull moment at Justenuf  !!!
Check back regularly for new updates.           
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