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Makin Whoopee With Justenuf

Daddy showing me or rather, Me showing Daddy ;-)

My show name is Makin Whoopee With Justenuf,
but my friends call me Betty and Daddy calls me Bam Bam ..
I know weird!

I was born in Wolverhampton, which is in a place called England, but now I live in Wales, which is next door!
I was bred by Emma Saunders.
My mums name is Alice - Justenufs Classy Act and
my dads name is Gibbs - Westerholmen Gibson is Justenuf.

I am a show dog you know....whatever that means.
I go out on trips with Mummy and Daddy and sometimes come back with bits of ribbon, which seems to make them smile,
 so that makes me happy.
I am at my best though, at home, being boss of the pack, although sometimes it gets me in trouble ....Ooops!

Find me on Facebook as Betty Carlino and you'll see that I'm a very good girl.

Mummy Alice and I.

This is me when I first arrived in Wales.

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