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It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you that our Hero left us, suddenly, for The Rainbow Bridge on Friday 13th September 2013. He fell asleep in Mummys arms. We love you Hero and will never forget your loving ways and healing soul. See you at The Bridge. xxxxxxxx
Hero is one of the older pugs here at Justenuf.
He is Mummys baby and screams like one sometimes, if he's not getting what he wants.
He is prone to gain weight, so we are careful about what he eats and make sure he has plenty of exercise.
He is very crafty and learnt very quickly how to
 tip the kitchen bin over.
When he was a puppy, he used to visit a hospice, where my Nana was a patient.
He brought lots of smiles to the other patients, some who hadn't shown any interest in anything, would try and stroke him.
The nurses used to carry him around the wards.
Mummy always says that he has a healing soul.
He has certainly touched some hearts.
Venerable little pug,
You hold my heart between your paws....
No rosettes or prize cards will you bring to me,
Yet still you are above them all.
Incomparable - your qualities unique !
A precious bundle destined to be mine
For me to love and cherish.
Flawed, in worldly eyes, maybe,
But oh, so perfect in my own ....
Our hearts irrevocably intertwined.
Part of me forever, my beloved one,
Together always in the realms of time
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