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I would rather have an army of Dogs led by a Pug than an army of Pugs led by a Dog. ~Napoleon
Whomever said you can't buy happiness obviously never bought a pug!
"He would at Windsor have taken possession of the throne if he thought that it looked comfortable enough, and been surprised if asked to move."
Anonymous Palace Staff Member talking about Bosco the Royal Pug
Pugs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.
“Multum in Parvo” has been a phrase used to describe the Pug and it translates to a lot in a little space which is a pretty accurate description of this cute little dog.
You're nobody til you've been ignored by a pug.
Pugs are small dogs with big personalities.
They live to love and to be loved and were bred for one reason: to be your companion. They will try to live in your lap, eat your food, and sleep on your bed.
They are incredibly playful, outgoing, adaptable, happy, lively, and affectionate. They need human companionship to survive, and will not do well at all if left alone for long periods of time.
Your Pug will want and need to be part of your family. A Pug will spend his life by your side, every moment of it.
They are excellent with children and are usually good with other animals in the household.
Pugs enjoy a daily walk, although they like to lie in your lap also. You will need to be careful that your Pug doesn't exercise to the point of overheating. You will have to be especially vigilant on hot and humid days. Pugs, due to their flat faces, simply cannot tolerate extreme temperatures and can die in a short period of time. They should never be left outside unattended.
They love to eat (and eat and eat!), and so are prone to obesity. So you need to watch how much you feed them and get them doing some exercise.
They are intelligent and trainable, but are often slow to housetrain. They are also not car-smart and will be safest in a fenced-in area
In short, these affectionate little guys live to please you, and they expect to be the centre of attention.
They are funny, cocky, sensitive, and cuddly. But you should know that they tend to sneeze, snort, and snore ... and pass wind ... a lot.
Hey, at least they don't bark much!
    You’re walking your Pug down the street and you see someone approaching looking closely at your dog.
     Your dog is small, between 14 and 20 pounds, give or take a pound of two…It has a curly twisty sort of tail, protruding eyes, a muscular body, button ears, short legs and a solemn expression or a smile on its face, depending on the moment. The man stops you and asks "is that a miniature bulldog"? You break a smile and say "oh no, it’s a Pug"!
    The man wants to take a closer look and asks you if your dog bites. You pause for a moment, thinking ever so briefly at how funny that question sounds to you and say "Bite? My dog may lick you forehead to chin, he may even make a few strange sounds, but bite? Uh uh".
    The man bends down to take a closer look at your little dog, and it’s curly tail wags slowly in a funny circular motion…Not back and forth, or up and down, or side to side…More like around and around. The man’s amused, noticing the Pugs facial folds and says to the dog "you’ve got wrinkles". You watch and smile as your Pug gives this stranger a classic Pug head tilt at the sound of his voice and the man wonders if this dog actually understands him. He talks some more and sees the head tilt again and again, along with a variety of classic Pug expressions.
    "His ears and muzzle are like velvet" the man says, but "his coat is thick, does he shed?". "Does he ever" you reply. "There’s hair all over the house, on the clothes and now that you’ve pet my Pug, you’ll have Pug hair in your house too. You might as well just get a Pug now."
    The man hears the slight purring sound your Pug is making, or maybe it’s a snort, and asks if they make that noise all the time. You tell the man "all the time" is a relative term. You know your Pug snorts and snores while it, and you are sleeping. You know it makes these noises and others when you pet it, and when it gets excited. It cries a happy cry when you come home or say the word "walk" or "car". That funny sound is enough to make anyone’s bad mood melt away. "I don’t know if I could live with the snoring at night" the man says. To which you reply, "I don’t know if I could sleep without that snoring"!
    Being a Pug Person, you tell him a bit more about the breed. That it comes in Fawn or Black, but aside from color, a Pug’s a Pug. It’s a sedentary dog that likes to be around people almost as much as it likes to eat, but not quite. You talk about its good nature, that it is great with kids, gentle and passive. It sheds plenty, and that’s worth repeating for people with an aversion to vacuums or people with allergies. It plays with you when it feels like it, and sleeps long and comfortably on your lap or at your feet when it isn’t playing or eating.
    "Pugs don’t bark much either" you tell him, but they will do their level best to imitate a big dog in order to protect you and your home…
    "Pugs are funny that way" you say…"little dogs, that think they’re big".
    Pugs are cute, loving and affectionate. They are wonderful companions and very loyal friends. But they are not for everyone. Here are some things you should know before you take home your first Pug.

    Pugs are stubborn
    Pugs are usually very stubborn. If they want a treat or a certain toy, they will cry about it until they get it…It’s as simple as that! Some might refer to Pugs as “needy”, but a better description would probably be “childlike”. They want what they want when they want it!
    Pugs are tons of fun!
    Pugs are lots of fun and they love doing silly things in order to get your attention. Most Pugs don’t even mind parading around in crazy outfits, and that’s probably why some call them ”the clowns of the animal kingdom”.
    Pugs are intelligent
    Pugs are a lot more intelligent than they look (Thank God!) and they are fast learners when it comes to things that excite them. For instance, figuring out how to get to the cookies on the table is usually a piece of cake for any Pug. They are also fast learners when it comes to figuring out how to best get your attention. Some say that Pugs are hard to train, and sure, some Pugs might be. However, with a healthy portion of patience from you and lots of yummy treats, Pugs can learn lots of great tricks.
    Pugs snore
    Pugs make lots of weird noises, due to their small nose and flat face. Almost all Pugs snore and while some consider this to be kind of charming, others might find it annoying. To be completely honest, if you have trouble sleeping you might be better off buying some other breed.
    Pugs both snort and fart
    Due to their button-nose, Pugs also tend to snort a lot. But as long as your Pug breathes without any problems, the snorting is normal. Pugs also tend to pass lots of gas. Ever heard of Weapons of Mass Destruction? You will if you decide to get a Pug!
    Pugs are “people dogs”
    In similarity to some being “dog persons”, Pugs are “people dogs”. They love humans and the attention they get from their two-legged friends.
    Pugs shed!
    Don’t let a Pug’s short soft coat fool you! Pugs do shed tons of hair!
    Pugs are NOT outdoorsy dogs
    Pugs are really vulnerable when it comes to both heat and cold. Most dogs have a long nose which they use to cool their bodies. Pugs do not have this, which means that they basically don’t have any way of regulating their body temperature. As a result they can easily overheat. (Pugs can even succumb by being out less then half an hour on a hot and humid summer day).
    Your Pug, your shadow
    Pugs love to be close to the people they love, so if you like being alone sometimes or have the couch all to yourself – a Pug is definitely not for you! Pugs tend to follow “their people” everywhere and if you are sitting on the couch, your Pug probably doesn’t just want to sit next to you. If he can and if you let him, he will soon be sitting on top of you. While some people love this, others might soon find it rather annoying
    Pugs do need special care
    Pugs do not really need much daily care, but with all the wrinkles a Pug’s face does need special attention. Pugs are very curious creatures and they tend to stick their tiny nose where it does not belong. As a result, dirt easily gets into the wrinkles, so cleaning them regularly is simply a must! The wrinkles also tend to attract and hold moisture, which can cause itching, irritation and sometimes even nasty infections. But don’t worry; it is easy to clean the wrinkles. Just take a soft tissue and clean them on a regular basis (some Pugs might need their wrinkles wiped daily).
    Pugs are NOT great guard dogs
    Looking for a dog to guard your house? Don’t get a Pug. A Pug might bark and alert you if somebody is coming, but Pugs in general are not really watch dogs. The risk of your Pug licking the burglar to death is probably bigger than the chance that he actually scares him off.
    A Pug is a big dog in a small body
    Even though Pugs are quite small, they are very seldom “nervous barkers”. In fact, Pugs are by and large stabile, even-tempered dogs full of playfulness, charm and dignity.
    Pugs are both “explorers” and “couch potatoes”
    Most Pugs have two different personalities in one. On one hand they are very curious and love to explore new places and new things. They are nosy and like to smell and taste virtually everything they have not seen before (so never leave toxic items out). On the other hand, they’re couch potatoes. They love taking long naps and sometimes it might even be hard to get them to leave that comfortable sofa for a stroll in the park.
    Pugs are BAD workout partners
    If you want a dog that you can play with in the yard, that fetches tennis balls and sticks and that can accompany you when you’re out jogging, please don’t get a Pug. Pugs get tired pretty fast and since they do not have a great mechanism for cooling themselves, they can easily overheat. Some even say that “you should never walk your Pug farther than you are willing to carry him home”.
    Pugs & Children
    Most Pugs love children. However, some Pugs don’t seem to know how strong they really are so they can easily knock over smaller children in their hunt for affection. As always, you should never leave your children playing unsupervised with a dog – and this goes for Pugs too.
    A dignified dog, very intelligent, good-natured and sociable, he is robust and self-reliant, with great character and personality. An adaptable companion for both young and old, and one who integrates himself very closely with family life. He can talk with his eyes, has his mischievous moments, and usually lives to a ripe old age.
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