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(AKA - Silvester Weed)
This is my Uncle Vester and I love him.

When Silvester was born, his Mum had to have a caesarean.
When she came round from the anaesthetic she was so disorientated that she attacked him.
The vet didn't think he would survive.
He was left brain damaged and with only half an ear on one side.
Our human family had to hand rear the litter and they pulled them all through.
Our human sister called him Silvester after the man who plays Rocky, in the films, because of his fighting spirit.
He got the nickname Weed as he was so tiny.
So he became Silvester Weed !!!!!!
His official Kennel Club name is Tilheralf Against All Odds.
He is happy to be here and enjoys his life to the full.
This includes howling (singing) for no obvious reason,
at the most inappropriate times !!

Silvester 'married' his sweetheart, Frankie Da Face Gray Weed last October 2011.
It was a perfect day, officiated by Frankies Dad, Mr Johnny Gray, who very sadly passed away on the 6th May 2012, at the aGE OF 45.
Vester is in the habit, on his Facebook page, of singing songs in his own unique way.
This is the one he sang for the man he called Pops......
toodays iyiz twiyinns sow hard too not kriy for da pops dat woz mi pops too.......i hav fort abowt wot hee wood liyk an hav deesiydud to twi an sing a songs for himm.....i nose hee liyud mi singinns......so for yooz, mi wunnafools pops, a song .........*thru teerz*

Ow mi pops pops too mee u wer sow wunnafools
Ow mi pops pops too mee hee woz sow gud
No wun kood beez sow gentull an luvvabulls
G...onn ar da days wen hee kood tayk mee onn hiz neez

An wiv a smiyul heyud chanj mi teers too lafta
Oh mi pops pops sow funni sow adorabubbull
Orlways da klowun sow funni inn hiz wayz
Ow mi pops pops too mee hee woz sow wunnafools
Deeps in mi hart …. I missuz himms sow toodays

i willz nevva forgetts u mr johnny gray an i will seez u wun day at da bwidj
yoor luvvin son vester weed GRAY xxxxxx
Our hearts were broken again, when on 13th April 2013, Vester lost his wife Frankie, suddenly and unexpectedly. He continues to sing in her honour xxx

He has to be involved in everything that is happening and
is quite a superstar.
Because of this, he has to have his own slide show.
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