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This is my Auntie Tia. She is my Mummys half sister and Grandma Blossoms daughter.
My grandma Bloss wrote the words underneath, so I won't change them.
May I introduce you to my daughter, Tia.
I am so very proud of Tia, she has proved to be the most wonderful mother to my grandchildren and any other puppy that needs comfort, cleaning or just a mothers tender touch.
In 2010, the humans were alerted to a little border collie puppy, 12 hours old, whose Mum had died during whelping.
Tia had finished feeding her litter but still had milk.
We offered immediately to try and save the little one.
Jack Spratt, now known as Chip, arrived at our house at midnight inside the jacket of a now friend and fellow dog exhibitor.
A very sad sight, the next few hours were so very important.
At first Tia viewed him with confusion, although she fed him from the start.
 Within 24 hours, she had taken him as her own and he continued to flourish.
He is now a fully grown boy, trained and working the sheep like an old hand.
We at Justenuf are so very proud of our Little Jack Spratt and of course, Tia ........who has proved she really is a Supermum. 
 Tia has recently produced 2 more grandsons for me. They are adorable. Thank you Tia. xxx
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